6 Historic Landmarks on Temescal’s Broadway 8/11/2018


First: the  Bilger Quarry Historical Site  at the south end of the Safeway parking lot.The Quarry was in operation from 1870 to 1923.It provided rock for Oakland’s roads.P1090293 (2)                            Now it serves as a reservoir for the  Claremont Country Club.

Glen Echo Creek is the source of its water.

Second:the Treadwell Mansion  on the California College of the Arts campus. It was built in 1875 for John & James  Treadwell who owned the Tesla coal mine  near Livermore, Ca. In 1922 the Treadwell estate was acquired by CCA. In 2017 CCA sold this property to a housing developer who intends to build between 400-600 apartments. Three buildings will be conserved: Treadwell Mansion, its Carriage House and the first campus building .




Third:Studio One on 45th St


This was the site of the Ladies Home Relief Society Children’s Home which was built in 1874.


A  Lightstick by Cork Marcheschi on the grounds of Studio One.
Lightsticks plaque at Studio One
Fourth:Oakland Technical High School. Built in 1914

 Home of many notable students including Stephen Bechtel(1918),Ron Dellums(1953),Clint Eastwood(1949),Curt Flood(1956),Rickey Henderson(1976),Rod McKuen(1951),the Pointer Sisters:Ruth(1963),Anita(1965),Pat(1965),and Jack Soo(1934)


Fifth: The J Mora Moss House in Mosswood Park
  • It was built in 1864.It is Oakland Heritage Landmark Number 6.It is 1 of 5 historic homes owned by Oakland                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                           Sixth: King’s Daughters Home

It was designed by Julia Morgan and dedicated in 1912. It is now used by Kaiser Permanente.P1090959 (1)IMG_6185(1)P1000782

This  King’s Daughters Home entrance gateway was designed by Julia Morgan. It commemorates her younger brother Sam who died in 1913
Naomi Schiff-Tom Debley-Neil Heyden at King's Daughters 8-11-2018_P1100020 (2)
From Left: Tour Leaders Naomi Schiff & Tom Debley, on the right is Neil Heyden, who volunteered to carry the Tour’s  PA speaker(that’s a 3 hour job!).
Alison Finlay_Temescal's Broadway Tou8-11-2018_by JJ_ P1100024 (2)
Alison Finlay,OHA Board member and friendly  Tour volunteer.
description of Temescal Broadway Tour 8-11-2018_0002
Oakland Heritage Walking Tours are an excellent way to learn about the history of Oakland.