GM Dealership site on Broadway at Hawthorne being redeveloped, 3/29/2018 update

IMG_2316                                                              March 27,2018IMG_5257          July 2016:only the showroom’s façade remains of the GM auto dealership.

  It will integrated into the new building which will be residential with retail and restaurants on the ground floor.IMG_5250IMG_5248Bay city slated for development 10-2017_8343w captiononly a vestige remains 10-2017_8349w caption 10-29-2017Bay City Chevy 1-2012 post card w text 10-29-2017Bay City Chevy 1-2012 post card_0001w caption 10-29-2017Chevy dealership at Broadway&Hawthorne Oakland Ca 5-3-2011_17w captionsome neon letters out 6-2-2009_1956w caption 10-29-2017+year