Home Depot has submitted a Pre-Application to Oakland’s Planning Department to build a 101,822 sq ft store at 5100 Broadway

Home Depot’s illustration of their proposed store at 5100 Broadway

The pre-application docs are available here:

In the “Planning Number” box below “General Search” enter ZW2200516 and press Enter. Then click on the “Record Info” tab that’s located below “Record Status: Pending,” slide down and click on “Attachments.”

The docs of primary interest in that list of Attachments are the Pre-App Set and the Project Description. Just click on their names to download and view them.

Don’t click on this, it’s a screenshot of a webpage.
This is a list of 4 of the 5 attachments available on the Oakland Planning Department’s website.

For your convenience, below is a pdf of the Home Depot Pre-Application Project Description