A behind the scenes look at John Ramos interviewing Casey Farmer for the KPIX5 TV 10/15/2022 feature “Oakland neighborhood groups rally for affordable housing”

John Ramos interviewing Casey Farmer about the proposed uses for the vacant lot at 5100 Broadway in Oakland, California for the KPIX5 feature” Oakland neighborhood groups rally for affordable housing” which was aired on October 15,2022 on the 6PM newscast.

Home Depot has submitted a Pre-Application to Oakland’s Planning Department to build a 101,822 sq ft store at 5100 Broadway

Home Depot’s illustration of their proposed store at 5100 Broadway

The pre-application docs are available here:

In the “Planning Number” box below “General Search” enter ZW2200516 and press Enter. Then click on the “Record Info” tab that’s located below “Record Status: Pending,” slide down and click on “Attachments.”

The docs of primary interest in that list of Attachments are the Pre-App Set and the Project Description. Just click on their names to download and view them.

Don’t click on this, it’s a screenshot of a webpage.
This is a list of 4 of the 5 attachments available on the Oakland Planning Department’s website.

For your convenience, below is a pdf of the Home Depot Pre-Application Project Description