Soil samples taken at the Shops at the Ridge Phase 2 vacant lot in February 2022.

Hi Rockridge Manor Neighbors,

Stuart of RCPC (Rockridge Community Planning Council) talked to TRC (the management company for the shopping center) and learned that the state (or maybe the county) is concerned about carcinogenic substances left by the dry cleaners that used to be there.  The drilling is to determine the location of the material that will need to be removed. It is not directly related to any construction that might take place.
He said TRC claims they are very interested in housing, but the price demanded by the owner to build housing is prohibitive.  TRC encouraged a zoning change for mixed use that would allow housing and commercial uses.  He raised the blight issue and TRC said they would improve the lot.  Stuart will arrange for a meeting with RCPC representatives, possibly the whole board, with TRC to encourage housing.  He also noted that the site had been suggested as a good place for housing and would probably be so identified in the update to the Housing Element that is underway. TRC also needs to seriously improve the lot, particularly if they really don’t build anything.

  There are two efforts: to encourage housing and to get rid of the blight and UBA is pursuing both.

On February 16,2022 a crew from Gregg Co took samples of the soil below the parking lot.
On February 23,2022 a crew from Moore Twining Co took samples of the soil beneath the parking lot.

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