Car broken into @ noon near the Chase Bank

2020-1-22 car broken into near Chase Bankaround noon_0091(3)
The owner of this car stepped into Chase Bank and came out to find her passenger  window broken and her purse stolen. Although she had hidden her purse under the passenger seat prior to parking here, before exiting her car she gave it a shove to ensure it was hidden(which is probably what the nearby thieves were watching for). She complained to the security guard that someone must have witnessed this crime  but no one came forward. Up to this incident,I thought this shopping center was safer than most because it is patrolled by a security guard on foot or riding around in a golf-cart like vehicle.

Tips for deterring car break-ins_1-23-202 darkercopy2020-1-22 shattered window from a smash&grab_0091(3)


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