Shops at the Ridge Phase 2: 11/15/2017 update from Oakland Councilman Dan Kalb’s office

The Ridge/Chase Bank – demolition & timeline

‎Nov‎ ‎15 at ‎10‎:‎13‎ ‎AM


You are receiving this email because you contacted us with questions regarding this project. We apologize that we cannot address each email personally. Please don’t hesitate to contact us with additional questions and we shall address them as soon as we can.

Below, please find the timeline as it relates to the existing old Chase building and the site for phase 2 that we received from TRC. Please note that some actions are now in progress. Several community leaders already met with the representatives from TRC to address some concerns.

1.       Old Chase Building Demolition – Procurement
Timing – mid Oct. to end of Nov. ‘17

·         TRC has begun the process towards demolition of the old Chase building.

·         As first step, TRC has re-engage Tetratech, the environmental consultant.

·         TRC has also reached out to the demolition contractor (Silverado) and we’re currently working on all items related to scope of work, cost, contracts, and schedule.  TRC and Silverado visited the site on 10/25/17 to do a site walk and define the scope.

·         We have also contacted the project’s assigned inspectors at the City of Oakland Building & Zoning (Chris Candell and Bill Quesada), to coordinate transferring the demolition permit from the original general contractor (Swinerton) to the demolition contractor (Silverado).

·         Next step is to provide required notice to Bay Area Air Quality Management District (BAAQMD) to ensure compliance with all requirements prior to demolition.

2.       Old Chase Building – Demolition
Timing – end of Nov. to end of Dec. ‘17

Based on conversations with Tetratech and Silverado, we anticipate to start demolition as early as end of November, but possibly first week of December. Duration of actual demolition and cleanup is anticipated to take 3-4 weeks. Permit closure and final sign-off might take a few extra weeks, but should be mainly administrative.

3.       Study Phase II project alternatives
Timing – from Oct. ’17 to Apr. ‘18

Given the changing landscape in the retail industry, TRC has been studying various alternatives for a phase 2 project.  Amongst the alternatives, we’re studying variations that keep the fundamentals of the entitled project, but we’re also exploring other possibilities.  TRC understands the importance of community feedback as part of the process and we plan to reach out to the community for input when we get to the appropriate milestone.  Although it is contingent on many factors, our goal is to have an update on a project to the community sometime in the spring of ’18.



Olga A. Bolotina, Chief of Staff
Office of District One City Councilmember Dan Kalb
City of Oakland
1 Frank H. Ogawa Plaza, Suite 230, Oakland, CA 94612
Direct: 510-238-7240







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