Thank You, Broadway Pet Hospital, for coming to the aid of an injured bird!

A technician at Broadway Pet Hospital helps a neighbor who walked in with an injured bird on 4/22/2022.
The staff at Broadway Pet Hospital freed this bird from a thread that that the bird had tightly knotted around its leg in its frantic efforts to free itself. It took a lot of skill, care and just the right cutting tool to remove that knot without injuring the bird.
That knot was so tight it must have been very painful and constricted blood circulation to his foot. Before the knot was removed, by the tech at Broadway Pet Hospital, the bird had been lying on its back & was breathing very heavily. After the painful restriction was removed, it sat upright.

Home Depot has submitted a Pre-Application to Oakland’s Planning Department to build a 101,822 sq ft store at 5100 Broadway

Home Depot’s illustration of their proposed store at 5100 Broadway

The pre-application docs are available here:

In the “Planning Number” box below “General Search” enter ZW2200516 and press Enter. Then click on the “Record Info” tab that’s located below “Record Status: Pending,” slide down and click on “Attachments.”

The docs of primary interest in that list of Attachments are the Pre-App Set and the Project Description. Just click on their names to download and view them.

Don’t click on this, it’s a screenshot of a webpage.
This is a list of 4 of the 5 attachments available on the Oakland Planning Department’s website.

For your convenience, below is a pdf of the Home Depot Pre-Application Project Description

Soil samples taken at the Shops at the Ridge Phase 2 vacant lot in February 2022.

Hi Rockridge Manor Neighbors,

Stuart of RCPC (Rockridge Community Planning Council) talked to TRC (the management company for the shopping center) and learned that the state (or maybe the county) is concerned about carcinogenic substances left by the dry cleaners that used to be there.  The drilling is to determine the location of the material that will need to be removed. It is not directly related to any construction that might take place.
He said TRC claims they are very interested in housing, but the price demanded by the owner to build housing is prohibitive.  TRC encouraged a zoning change for mixed use that would allow housing and commercial uses.  He raised the blight issue and TRC said they would improve the lot.  Stuart will arrange for a meeting with RCPC representatives, possibly the whole board, with TRC to encourage housing.  He also noted that the site had been suggested as a good place for housing and would probably be so identified in the update to the Housing Element that is underway. TRC also needs to seriously improve the lot, particularly if they really don’t build anything.

  There are two efforts: to encourage housing and to get rid of the blight and UBA is pursuing both.

On February 16,2022 a crew from Gregg Co took samples of the soil below the parking lot.
On February 23,2022 a crew from Moore Twining Co took samples of the soil beneath the parking lot.

Petition to improve the appearance of the vacant lot at Pleasant Valley Ave & Broadway

This is the 2nd petition (last one was in 2020). Because not much was done to improve the appearance of this vacant lot, this petition is being distributed to keep up the pressure on the shopping center’s management company and the city of Oakland.

View of the reservoir from the Starbucks at 1982 Pleasant Valley Ave on January 16,2022

The view from this Starbucks has to be one of the most soothing of all the Starbuck cafes. Often waterfowl, such as ducks and geese, are seen gliding around on the reservoir. I can’t think of a better place to to sip my coffee while I plan my day. And all the staff(hardworking!) are very nice!

CCA’s 2021 Holiday Art Fair is on Saturday November 20 from 11AM to 4PM

Artist Taiko Fujimura exhibiting her work at the 2016 CCA Holiday Art Fair

CCA’s Annual Holiday Art and Craft Fair and Homecoming

When: Saturday, November 20, 11 am–4 pm

Where: CCA’s Oakland campus (5212 Broadway, Oakland)

Join CCA on the Oakland campus for a day of festivities!

Attendees can shop unique, handmade goods made by local artisans, craftspersons, and designers from the CCA community. There will also be food trucks, live music by the Delta Wires featuring CCA alum Ernie Pinata (between 12–1:30 pm), and open studios, including a showcase of CCA student work from Ceramics and Jewelry & Metal Arts programs, a casting demo in the Jewelry & Metal Arts studio, and a monoprint workshop by alum and CCA Professor Emeritus Thomas Wojak in the Printmedia studio. 

Please note: All event attendees who are eligible to be vaccinated against COVID–19 will be required to present proof of vaccination upon arrival. All attendees, regardless of vaccination status, will be required to wear masks at all times unless actively eating or drinking.

Pleasant Valley COURT, Now(2016) & Then(1910) Photos

The house to be given away in the 1910 promotion is still there at 4446 Pleasant Valley COURT South. I spoke to the owner in 2016 who informed me when they purchased the house in 1992,they were given news clippings regarding the house’s history.

The entrance pillars which were being constructed in 1910 are still there and pretty much intact except the one on the right is missing its “roof” and is partially covered in ivy.