One of SITELAB’s maps of the Rockridge District

SITELAB and Mithun have been hired by Emerald Fund and Equity Community Builders, the developers of the now-closed Oakland campus of the California College of the Arts.

SITELAB’s description of their work: “SITELAB urban studio is a San Francisco-based design firm focused on using research and visualization to create great places, through big plans and small interventions.”

Mithun’s description of their work: “We believe in design’s vital capacity to connect people to place and each other, through intentional and memorable experiences. OUR WORK. We aim to advance design knowledge and its application through dedicated research and development efforts.” 

The Shops on the Ridge new sign on Broadway

Will TRC will place a sign ,ad, or logo on the cellular base station at the top ?
Note that the businesses at Shop of the Ridge are mostly food or personal care with only one retail store, Pet Food Express. I surmise from this many retailers are not opening up new stores because they believe it is hopeless to compete with online businesses. Particularly galling to brick and mortar retailers is their unpaid role as showrooms for online retailers (customers visit a store to browse and ask questions about a product then buy it online).